Monday, February 10, 2014


One morning Leon woke up in a peculiar place. He was very confused as he didn't know where he was or how he got there. Last thing he remembered was being knocked out by a teenager. And the last thing he heard was a very loud smack then he was out. He took a while trying to gather memory of what had happened. He still doesn't know how long he’s been knocked out. Or how long hes been at this mysterious barn.
After about a half hour later Leon had came up with a great idea. He then looked for an exit to escape from the barn. He noticed that the doors were boarded up. So he took an extra minute find an opening to the outside. He soon noticed a bird flying out of a normal sized window. But he noticed that it was about 15 feet high from the ground. So he searched for another way to get out of the barn.
Leon finally came upon finding a decent sized ladder. It was hidden, laid down behind a wall of bricks stacked up to about 3 feet. The ladder had been a lot smaller then he had assumed. It was very close to Leon's own height. Maybe in between 6 or 6.5 feet. It might have not been a great sized ladder. But it was good enough to help him with his mysterious problem.
At first Leon had thought of looking for a steady or flat spot on the ground. He then remembers the bird. The bird that he had seen earlier, that flew out of the window. Leon had then grabbed the old ladder he found, and he set it up leaning it against the wall. It was directly under the window. Just high enough for Leon to reach the window. Leon had finally pulled himself up and out of the  window. He had to jump down about 15 feet to the ground. Then he starts his journey retracing his steps and trying to find clues of what had happened that night.
Leon starts to notice a noise. It was when he started to walk down the road. So he then stopped and checked the noise in his pocket. It was about 2 dollars in change. And there was a crumpled up piece of paper. Leon unraveled it and noticed that it had been a receipt to a Pablo's furniture store. He took his time thinking about when he had seen or heard about this furniture store, while he's still continuing to take the walk down the road.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eddie Thomas
Different people value different things. Some people probably don't value my opinion enough to read this far. In life there are many necessities. People also value all the small things in life like video games,and even systems like Xbox or watching tv shows.

            The joy feeling of paying and then being handed the box. The box containing a pair of 

sneakers. Just the feeling of knowing you have something many others don't have. Knowing you got 

one of the last pairs the store contained. Just adding that one more pair to your collection . The value 

of the item isn't the best part, it’s just the joy it brings to get them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eddie Thomas
1.Generate 5 words that best describe Melinda thus far.
2.For each, provide two sentences of explanation of why you chose that word.
2A. I chose sarcastic because Malinda is sarcastic in parts of the book. She uses some smart or witty remarks during the book.
2B. I chose morose because Malinda is gloomy most of the time. She is lonely during school not really liked.  
2C. Sullen is another word i chose because Malinda is sad at most time. She is in a gloomy state of mind.
2D. Confused because she thinks why does no one likes her when they don’t know what happened. No one really yet knows what happened at the party.
2E.Deserted because she is always alone. She spends her time being by herself.

3. Choose best describing word for Malinda.
4. 2 paragraphs.
Melinda is very to herself throughout the book. She hasn’t yet told anyone about what really happened that day. Or why she really called the police. She hasn’t really had friends through the story so far. No one to tell. Or anyone to talk to.
Melinda is pretty much deserted. Keeping her thoughts to herself. Being alone in school. Mostly because no one really likes her. Well ever since she went to and ruined the party. She is unlike'd by most school acquaintances.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eddie Thomas 9/9/13

Gale- Mocking-jay
Eddie Thomas
Authors Notes: 1.The details and the dialog. 2.The dialog. 3.Thinking of the climax. fully finish the essay.

As Gale walked down the warm road.Seeing all the burnt remains in the District. All the destroyed houses and dead bodies, even some scattered bones. He feels that someone is watching him. As he keeps going he sees someone in the woods. He screams to them “HEY! What are you doing over there?” He notice the boy is using a crossbow. So Gale goes forward to walk towards the boy with caution.

          As Gale gets closer to the boy,he asks, “who are you?”. The boys states his name.”I am Eddie Thomas. Who are you?". "My name is Gale. So are you hunting?" asked Gale. "No I'm just shooting those targets." Replied Eddie, as he pointed toward the targets at the far end of the woods. "Can I try and take a shot?" asked Gale. "Uhh sure." Eddie hesitantly replies as he hands over the smooth wooden crossbow. Gale takes very close looks down at the wooden crossbow.

         Slowly Gale loads the crossbow. Then takes his time aiming down the target through the sights. Slightly before Gale took his first shot Eddie quickly says something. He says to move closer down the hill and deeper into the woods to get a better shot. Gale quickly agrees.
         As they walk down the steep hill coming closer to the targets Eddie hears a loud noise.(*SNAP! CRRAACKK!*). Then a scream, it had came from Gale. Quickly Eddie turns back to Gale he had fallen into hole about six feet deep. And about Two feet wide. As Eddie looked down at Gale he noticed something wrong besides the deep hole. It was that Gale was holding his right leg.
       Eddie quickly had asked "Are you okay?". Gale replies in a pained voice "I think it might be broken or at least sprained."