Monday, February 10, 2014


One morning Leon woke up in a peculiar place. He was very confused as he didn't know where he was or how he got there. Last thing he remembered was being knocked out by a teenager. And the last thing he heard was a very loud smack then he was out. He took a while trying to gather memory of what had happened. He still doesn't know how long he’s been knocked out. Or how long hes been at this mysterious barn.
After about a half hour later Leon had came up with a great idea. He then looked for an exit to escape from the barn. He noticed that the doors were boarded up. So he took an extra minute find an opening to the outside. He soon noticed a bird flying out of a normal sized window. But he noticed that it was about 15 feet high from the ground. So he searched for another way to get out of the barn.
Leon finally came upon finding a decent sized ladder. It was hidden, laid down behind a wall of bricks stacked up to about 3 feet. The ladder had been a lot smaller then he had assumed. It was very close to Leon's own height. Maybe in between 6 or 6.5 feet. It might have not been a great sized ladder. But it was good enough to help him with his mysterious problem.
At first Leon had thought of looking for a steady or flat spot on the ground. He then remembers the bird. The bird that he had seen earlier, that flew out of the window. Leon had then grabbed the old ladder he found, and he set it up leaning it against the wall. It was directly under the window. Just high enough for Leon to reach the window. Leon had finally pulled himself up and out of the  window. He had to jump down about 15 feet to the ground. Then he starts his journey retracing his steps and trying to find clues of what had happened that night.
Leon starts to notice a noise. It was when he started to walk down the road. So he then stopped and checked the noise in his pocket. It was about 2 dollars in change. And there was a crumpled up piece of paper. Leon unraveled it and noticed that it had been a receipt to a Pablo's furniture store. He took his time thinking about when he had seen or heard about this furniture store, while he's still continuing to take the walk down the road.  

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